"Maijishan, north across the South Liangdang Qing Wei, gradually, five hundred Li Gang Luan, Maiji at the half, the rise of a stone, high million search, hope the round and round, such as farm product grain shape, hence the name". It is located in Gansu province Tianshui train station about 35 km southeast of the Qinling Mountains mountains. Around San Lin Yu, Xishi couplet Yingxiu, beautiful scenery, there are small Jiangnan called, known as "Qin Lin Quan crown".

The Maijishan are purple-brown into sedimentary rock, the mountain suddenly from the peak, originally had many natural caves. It's 1742 meters above sea level, the peak 142 meters from the ground, the existing Buddhist cave 194, clay stone carving, stone tire clay sculpture of more than seven thousand two hundred, one thousand more than 300 square meters of murals, all cave dug in the steep cliffs above, distributed in the East, west two cliff. Dongya existing 54 caves, cliff 140 extant caves. Because Maijishan mountain for third century stone gravel rocks, loose structure, not easy jingdiaoxilou, so fine clay sculpture known world, most of the clay sculpture makeup. The sculptor Liu Kaiqu known as the "Oriental Sculpture gallery". Its carving time, most scholars think that began in the later Qin, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, after the Northern Wei, Sui, Tang, song, yuan, five generation, Ming, Qing dynasties have constantly excavate and repaired, existing statues in the North statues original.